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Apr 13,  · The article was signed by "X" although everyone in the know knew that authorship was Kennan's. For Kennan, the Cold War gave the United States its historic opportunity to assume leadership of what would eventually be described as the "free world." * * * * * THE SOURCES OF SOVIET CONDUCT. By X. Part I. Rule -- Preliminary Notes to Article 8. Rule -- Annual financial statements. Rule -- Interim financial statements. Rule -- Financial statements of businesses acquired or to be acquired. Rule -- Pro forma financial information. Rule -- Real estate operations acquired or to be acquired. Rule -- Limited partnerships. Article X of the Covenant of the League of Nations is the section calling for assistance to be given to a member that experiences external aggression. It was signed by the major Peacemakers (Allied Forces) following the First World War, most notably Britain and fevanorsa.cfon: Paris Peace Conference.

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After graduating from Princeton inhe decided to join the newly reshaped and expanded Foreign Service. FromKennan served in a variety of European posts until latewhen he accepted an assignment to the American mission later embassy in Moscow; he remained there until he was transferred to Washington DC in Kennan did not return to the Soviet Union until Julywhen he was appointed the minister-counselor of the U, x article.

Kennan used his new prestige to secure a transfer to Washington, where he accepted x article teaching assignment at the newly established National War College April May and appeared frequently on the national lecture circuit promoting his ideas on containing Soviet power. Despite dedicating an entire career x article public service, Kennan was ambivalent about American democracy.

Convinced that most Americans were incapable of grasping the complexities of diplomacy, Kennan believed that important affairs of state were best left in the hands of an elite corps of professional experts, x article. Cold War policies and claiming that his earlier writings had been misinterpreted. Although there are ample opportunities for comparison when assigning the X-Article, the length of the essay has led me to explore other ways of using the document.

The following suggestions use the article to address why Americans came to identify the Soviet Union in the late s as a feared and x article enemy rather than a troublesome, x article, but manageable opponent or rival. A good way of generating discussion about the power of language is to have students come up with short lists on one or more of the aforementioned categories, list them on the board, and then x article a class discussion that develops some conclusions on the manner and extent to which Kennan relied on scientific terms and emotional prose to deliver his arguments.

Another way to approach the article is first to have students condense it to a two to three page excerpt that retains the key arguments, and then compare some examples and ask students why they included x article omitted specific paragraphs.

By demonstrating that editing requires active, conscious decisions, the exercise effectively reinforces the importance of figures of speech and language in constructing an argument.

The x article thus helps to hone critical thinking skills as well as to illustrate the complexity of Cold War strategies. Costigliola, Frank. Hixson, Walter L. George F. Kennan: Cold War Iconoclast. New York: Columbia University Press, x article Lippmann, Walter.

Foreign Policy. New York: Harper, Miscamble, Wilson D, x article. Kennan and the Making of American Foreign Policy, Skip to x article content. Using the X-Article in Teaching Although there are ample opportunities for comparison when assigning the X-Article, the length of the essay has led me to explore other ways of using the document. Bibliography: Costigliola, Frank. Kennan, George F. Memoirs, Boston: Little, Brown and Company, x article, The X-Article.

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"X" (George F. Kennan) World War II July Essay. The Sources of Soviet Conduct. Soviet pressure against the free institutions of the Western world is something that can be contained by the adroit and vigilant application of counterforce "X" (George F. Kennan) Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Results Total. The "X" Article. In July , the quarterly Foreign Affairs published an anonymous article entitled "The Sources of Soviet Conduct," which offered what would soon . (a) Pro forma financial information shall be furnished when any of the following conditions exist: (1) During the most recent fiscal year or subsequent interim period for which a balance sheet is required by § , a significant business combination has occurred (for purposes of these rules, this encompasses the acquisition of an interest in a business accounted for by the equity method);.